List of custom AOD skins for Huawei

Every week i will upload new AOD skins for Huawei smartphones, but after longer time it can be hard to easy browse all skins on this website. So i prepared article, where you can find updated list of all custom skins available on (you need to install those skins manually, they are not available in official Themes app). It is sorted by name, so you can easy check new skins. Which skin is the most attractive for you?

Bitcoin V2
Bitcoin V4
Black Fantasy
Huawei Mobile Services
Kirin 980
Kirin 990
Predator V2

Those skins cannot be officially publish in Huawei Themes application, so if you want to use it, you need to install it manually. But it is easy, just follow this tutorial, it take only few second to get it working in your Huawei device. If you are looking for official skins (which are available in Huawei Themes application), there is list of those AOD skins.

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